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EITZENBERGER는 뛰어난 에어베어링 엔지니어링으로 정확한 분석과 시물레이션을 통해 요구되는 기능을 수행할 최적의 커스터마이즈 시스템을 제공드리고 있습니다.

Analytical and FEM calculation

To ensure that our air-lubricated systems can deploy their full capability, EITZENBERGER matches the construction to the properties of the air bearings. This ensures that the behavior of the air bearings, mechanics and drives systems can be optimized with analytical and FEM calculation tools.

Air Bearing Engineering

EITZENBERGER air bearings are calculated by us using our specially developed program. Parameters such as load capacity, rigidity, damping, nominal gap height and air consumption can be optimized. The design of the air bearings with discrete nozzles and microchannels – and the wide range of possibilities this offers to shape the air cushion – enables the physics of the bearings to be adjusted according to requirements.