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Micro Groove마이크로 그루브

EITZENBERGER 에어베어링은 Microchannel Bearing(미국 특허 등록)방식을 적용하여 각각의 Load Situation에 최적의 Air Cushion 형태를 만들어 내도록 설계됩니다. EITZENBERGER만의 독자적인 Microchannel방식의 에어베어링은 경쟁사 대비 높은 강성 (Stiffness, Tilt Stiffness)과 높은 Load capacity는 물론 뛰어난 Damping 성능을 제공합니다.

The bearing features of EITZENBERGER Microchannel Air Bearings can be perfectly adapted to your applications with regards to load capacity, rigidity and damping. All Microchannel Air Bearings are calculated and simulated by EITZENBERGER. High rigidity and damping are outstanding features of our air bearings. The microchannel technology is used in all standard EITZENBERGER bearings. Thanks to the excellent emergency running coating, the bearings can be used for very small gaps – without any risks to occupational safety, even in the case of short-term capacity overload of the bearing.
Microchannel air bearings allow a monolithic bearing base body. The monolithic base body, with no weaknesses due to internal supply structures or sandwich construction, offer the best conditions for transferring the rigidity of the air cushion directly into the slider body.

Allows to

High Accuracy100% Emergency Running
High StiffnessLong Lifetime
High Carrying CapacityNo Friction
High Speed & AccelationQuiet Running
High performance DampingCleanroom Condition

Monolithic Body모놀리틱 바디

Air Cushion과 Air Bearing Body의 높은 강성 확보를 위해 EITZENBERGER 에어베어링은 Monolithic 구조로 설계되었습니다. 또한 집중하중이 발생하는 에어베어링 중앙부의 변형을 최소화 하기 위해 미리 계산된 Concave Shape(오목한 형태) 방식을 적용하여, 에어베어링에 하중이 가해진 후에도 에어베어링 표면이 평평한 형태를 유지하도록 설계되었습니다.